2022 Best Living Room Color Ideas

Take a close look at living rooms in the United States. Don't you think it's all too gray, white, black or beige? It looks like it's time to change the rules of the game, and the trends of 2022 are the best evidence for that.

A huge number of different ideas are available to all interested people today. Designers are now continuing a huge number of lines that are constantly evolving. And it's all filled with the craziest color combinations. Fasten your seat belts, it will be fun!

Now we will tell you about ideas

You can build something of your own around these top 2022 trends. This will allow not only to follow, but to create a unique interior of the living room:

  • Orange and milk. This is the most unusual color combination you can imagine, but it is the choice for cheerful people who love light and soothing energy. Orange and milky white colors will successfully delimit zones within the room, as well as create an unobtrusive, stable connection. This rule can also be used in furniture.
  • Polished metal is also a color. Moreover, you can combine inserts from it with any other shade made with paints or wallpaper. You can make vertical stripes or complex shapes, which will directly depend on your general desire to stand out from the rest of the interiors.
  • Try unexpected inserts. Against the background of a two-color wall that combines orange and blue colors, a red transverse or diagonal stripe with a light frame appears sharply. It's unexpected, bold and very intriguing.

If you want more color

This also happens. And let your living room resemble a rainbow. It has a special magical attraction. Usually, three-color solutions are used in designer's multi-color schemes. This allows the two shades to be combined through a mediating artistic tone. Something similar is used in painting. An example is the combination of sky, beach, sea. Or street, houses, advertising sign. Three levels, each of which complements the overall combination. Therefore, you will have a lot of options. It all depends on your own artistic vision and personal preferences.

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