2022 Best Interior Paint and Decor Colors

If you come up with a simpler approach to any of the colors and shades, then we can say that there are only 7 of them in the palette. But this is the wrong approach. In the modern interior of 2022, a variety of complex trends are of great importance.

To satisfy them, you must have enough imagination, as well as be well versed with various design techniques. It is much easier to listen to ready-made ideas, and then apply them correctly in your home interior. There are also certain trends now. And if you decide to make renovations, then it is best to match them in order to keep up to date.

What does 2022 offer us?

Now listen to these gorgeous 2022 color trends:

  • Velvet pastel colors, which are transitional in the palette, are now popular in acrylic paints. This creates a certain homeliness and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Try using unusual textures to give more depth to your favorite color. But for this you need to have a large enough room. In a small room, this will greatly eat up the visual volume.
  • Another interesting move is the creation of a single bright zone against the background of the general unassuming painting of the walls. For example, the place where the TV and the shelf with books will be located are separated by a burgundy strip on a caramel background. But point additional lighting is also important here.
  • From the decor, the colors of patinated bronze and wrought iron with a deep black texture are now very popular. It looks very noble. Crackellur is still very well quoted in 2022. Modern lacquer finishes make this easy.

Moving away from the rules

You can use any color if your personal biases are too complex and have nothing to do with the trends of 2022. This is the freedom of choice that we strive for so much. But then try to at least observe the general idea, content and integrity. This will make it much easier to cope with the task, as well as find the best combination. But for this you will need to hire an experienced designer, work closely with him to achieve the goal.

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