An ocean full of pastels for a small kitchen

Forget the two or three color rule with this gorgeous design for your small kitchen. This is a very striking example of how you can make a scheme that is pleasing to the eyes, very easy to maintain, and also has enough variety in a room with a small area. This is a very interesting design decision, but it is not necessary to dwell on this combination.

You can easily assemble something like this yourself. Just follow the basic rules that we have compiled especially for you correctly.

The basics of the perfect design idea

And now we will deal with each idea in detail separately. It consists of the following main parts and techniques:

  • If you pay attention to many surfaces, then they have vertical stripes, not always clearly distinguished against the general background. This allows you to visually increase the height of the ceiling.
  • Special narrow household appliances are used here. This oven may not be able to cook a turkey for Christmas, but it's better than putting up with space constraints.
  • Open shelves with utensils and transparent cabinet doors allow you to add small details. No need to hang pictures or add figurines here. But pick up stylish utensils for this.

You can add more here

A compact kitchen of this type can be supplemented with small details. Fridge magnets would look very nice here, they could add a lot more comfort to your kitchen decor. The small area here is just an advantage in order to create a space ideal for cooking and family tea drinking. As for the table and chairs, they can be made of light natural wood. Also try using a table with a matte straight top made of artificial stone or plastic.

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