Contrasting work area for a small kitchen

The contrast of individual elements can form the basis for your kitchen. You can easily create a huge number of design options if you look at this great example. Here, the kitchen unit lives its own life, separate from the rest of the furniture and kitchen appliances.

In a small space, this is a big advantage, allowing you to act much more broadly than with any other stricter design. You can use any pastel color as a base to create a definite focal point for your guests. This will hide the small size of the room.

The basics of the perfect design idea

And now we will deal with each idea in detail separately. It consists of the following main parts and techniques:

  • There are many bundles here. The furniture handles are combined with the cooker hood, and the floor is in good harmony with the curtains.
  • The corners are occupied by a basket and a table, which usefully fill the remaining space.
  • The completely white walls and ceiling are connected to the refrigerator. You can pair this with chairs and a table.

You can add more here

Note that each pastel finish has many different small, nondescript textures. The curtains are woven, the floor tiles are of different sizes, and the back wall is made of painted bricks. All this creates an invisible image that does not allow you to deprive your design of a certain zest. Another feature is that you can operate with different shades of the same color, as well as the difference between gloss and matte surfaces. All these differences create certain individual characteristics.

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