Green and black for a small kitchen

There are so-called strong contrasts in design. But if one of the two colors is dropped to a pastel tone, then very interesting solutions are obtained. We are now looking at black and green.

The second of them was weakened by the color of the lettuce, which made it possible not to strain the observer. It is a very pleasant and cozy environment for relaxation. Now imagine that you need to replace green with white (milky), yellow or red. It will definitely work.

The basics of the perfect design idea

And now we will deal with each idea in detail separately. It consists of the following main parts and techniques:

  • Note that the two base colors have a specific alternation rule here. You can easily handle it if you create your own order. Even if it looks like a chessboard, it will look very cool.
  • An absolutely neutral light ceiling visually enlarges the space, and also does not distract your attention.
  • The stainless steel elements look very good here. This also applies to chairs and tables.

You can add more here

If you look closely, the black color here has a certain marble texture. You can use this technique on any surface. For example, the green finish of a kitchen set can be embossed with leaves, or even designers use leafing pasting and subsequent staining. It looks very nice and has a lasting effect. Some of the dishes are on open shelves, but you can display whatever you want here. This will allow you to make a really high-quality decoration without a variety of appeals to third-party decor. Let it even be kitchen appliances or your collection of glasses.

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