Pastels and bright drawings for a small kitchen

One of the few ways to dilute the general atmosphere in a small kitchen area is to introduce a bright point of concentration against the background of a nondescript general background. Attracting the eye of the observer will help you avoid imposing the idea of ​​size and crampedness. This technique is often used to attract visitors to small, cozy cafes.

And there is something Mediterranean about it. Try it in your kitchen to get the most out of your stay.

The basics of the perfect design idea

And now we will deal with each idea in detail separately. It consists of the following main parts and techniques:

  • Check out the matt patinated bronze furniture handles. They add a lot more charm. If you make them out of plastic or wood, it will look very bad.
  • A brushed metal hood, a white gas stove and drawings on the wall form the main artistic composition.
  • The floor, furniture and ceiling all fall within the same wall line. The tile has minimal patterns, which allows you to remove the faceless component.

You can add more here

Now imagine that you have at least some free space left. Then post a drawing of a child or a family photo here to add a little more coziness. Also, a small decor of caramel or gray tones will look very impressive, will help to complement the overall design, significantly diversify it for a full perception and integrity for your guests. As far as the kitchen island goes, look for fold-out countertops that can be attached to any of the walls. This will easily save even more space.

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