2023 Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Many Americans start to complain about their small kitchen, saying that it shakes their hands and the desire to change something. Modern design concepts are able to work with any area of ​​the room so as to make everything as harmonious and functional as possible. In 2023, there are many exciting trends that will help you make a radical transformation.

All that is required of you is a great desire for action, as well as a sufficient amount of money to implement these ideas. Many of them are not expensive.

The best ideas of 2023

A small kitchen is not a sentence, but a reason for action. These design ideas will give you some inspiration for your renovation:

  • For a small kitchen, you can opt for a trendy corner sink and water faucet to take up less space. Also, now there are special corner cabinets that make the most of all the usable square feet.
  • Another useful trend will be the use of a polished metal backsplash, which visually will greatly increase the overall size of the room.
  • Try some interesting wall-mounting solutions for all your kitchen utensils. Special racks for open storage of pots and pans are now also in vogue. But you should also pick up the items so that they do not interfere with you at all. So think over the whole set well.

Add some more variety to your interior

A small kitchen definitely requires a multi-storey arrangement of household appliances, because this way you can not clutter up the floor. And let your washing machine be at eye level, but it will fit easily over the oven and dishwasher. It's all very interesting, but not difficult to organize. Everything is mounted on multiple frames. The chandelier hanging from the ceiling also visually eats up a small space. This is the lot of large rooms, and you have to find the maximum flat modification for your interior. Another key feature is the sheer number of different folding pieces of furniture. You should definitely choose a kitchen island with variable geometry so that it doesn't get in your way.

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