2022 Smart Home Devices

It seems that soon in our homes we will do nothing but snap our fingers and voice commands. You still have no idea what manufacturers of smart devices have prepared for you in 2022. These are just great solutions to make your life much easier.Now it is real artificial intelligence, more sensitive sensors and flexible settings.Each of the devices we want to review today definitely deserves your attention.

Philips Hue

This is a set of LED bulbs that requires a hub. This unique system is also paired with voice assistants from Google and Amazon. You will also have to purchase an additional system called the Philips Bridge to make full use of this whole package. Once you do this and buy a starter kit, you can expand your lighting indefinitely by designing and programming your lighting for each zone. Even recessed floor lamps and LED strips, colored LED solutions, motion and light sensors can be connected here. The popularity of this product is ensured by the ease of self-assembly, although it is quite expensive.

Eve Energy

And if it seems to you that you have already seen all the smart plugs, it means that you simply have not come across this novelty of 2022. This thing requires a special control hub, but this cannot be considered a disadvantage. You simply get a smart plug anywhere in your home. You can even take it with you. The device is designed based on the concept of safety, so you can forget about short circuits and the danger of your sockets in the basement forever. It is combined with Apple's latest wireless data transmission Thread, which is fundamentally different from Wi-Fi in reliability. Your system will never fail.

Nest Thermostat

The manufacturer claims that you will receive a device capable of self-learning. It automatically equalizes the temperature and humidity in each of your rooms, observing personal preferences, as well as major changes in the microclimate depending on the time of day and even the direction of the wind outside. You will need a special hub to connect this to your system. It is designed for Google's voice assistant, which only makes your management task easier. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Apple products. The controls are intuitive and you can easily adjust every parameter from your smartphone. This thing is unique in its large indicator and touch controls, which are not found in analogues. Even a child will be able to deal with this device.

Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

This motion sensor smart camera allows you to track all the moving objects on your property. It is completely wireless technology, so you can place it in the most unexpected and secluded places. This camera works via Wi-Fi, playing the role of an LED lamp and an audio recorder at the same time. You can view all data in real time from anywhere in the world. The device can be adjusted to the size of a live object so that it does not trigger on squirrels and mice. To unlock the modes, you will have to use proprietary software and buy it, but along with the camera you will receive a three-month trial.

Ring Alarm Pro

This is the best wireless alarm system for your home that is completely invisible to intruders. Several kits will be available for you to choose from, each of which differs in functionality and the number of service points. You can easily cover up to 1500 square feet with the top of the line kit. You can later buy other kits to expand everything to your huge home. The whole system has very sensitive adjustable motion sensors. All this fits in a compact case, which does not attract attention at all. You can also purchase a signal booster separately, which greatly increases the range.

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