"Inflated" sofa

Frameless trends are gradually beginning to dominate in modern upholstered furniture. These products maintain their shape with a spring block inside and a high pressure of the padding held back by the cover. It is very soft, nice and comfortable.

This 2023 trend will definitely appeal to those people who are tired of painfully hitting their little fingers on hard pieces of furniture. It looks very stylish and is yet another product ahead of its time. You can only integrate this into the most modern interior. Older styles will not tolerate such forms.

Interior Tips

To successfully implement this, use the following professional tips:

  • You can choose models without a spring block. They will last much longer and you can also have them dry cleaned.
  • Some varieties are sold as modular kits that you can modify at any time as you see fit.
  • Try to find something really interesting in color. Sometimes these products even contain references to famous cartoons. How about coloring a giraffe or a black and white cow? It looks very cool and unusual.

Convenience and safety

This upholstered furniture looks really cute. As practice shows, she is very loved by children who endlessly play with her. And most importantly, they cannot break it even if they jump on the surface. Such furniture is gaining more and more popularity also because it is very comfortable, but at the same time does not have much weight. Therefore, your flooring will definitely not be damaged. And they also do not require constant disassembly and other complex manipulations.

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