Metal open frame

In fact, upholstered furniture consists of a functional part, where we sit, sleep or watch TV, as well as a support bottom, which serves to decorate the room and create a complete look of the product. But modern design knows no boundaries, so sofas in which there is no lower part, but only a rigid metal all-welded frame are very relevant in the modern interior of 2022. It may sound too technical, but this solution will greatly simplify many aspects of your life.

Interior Tips

To successfully implement this, use the following professional tips:

  • The profiled frame tube has a certain shape and this greatly affects the visual perception.
  • Don't make the soft part too hard, or you won't be able to watch the movie to the end. This is not a waiting room, but your home.
  • Raise the functional part higher to make cleaning much easier.

Convenient cleaning and visual ease

Sometimes you get the impression that these sofas are floating above the floor surface. They really look very light and simple, but in fact they are full-fledged upholstered furniture. You know how much dusty felt is usually collected under the sofa. This will definitely not happen here. Therefore, we can recommend this solution to those who enjoy hygienic cleanliness in their own home. This will be very important if you have pets. Also, such products are much cheaper. As for the overall strength and reliability, it does not differ from closed samples, you can even pay more attention to the power frame. This upholstered furniture is extremely easy to carry and transport.

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