2022 Best Swimming Pool Ideas

It looks like swimming pools are making a comeback in American backyards in 2022. The whole feature is that you cannot compare them in the 1970s-1980s and now. If earlier it was a complex hydraulic structure requiring concreting and laying of tiles, now acrylic dominates the US markets.

This is a durable man-made material that, in combination with fiberglass, provides shock resistance and ease of use. Surface maintenance will be much easier.

Most daring pool ideas 2022

And now that you have decided to create your own comfortable man-made reservoir, check out these trends:

  • Small waterfall. Purified water will flow down from the artificial rock. In this place, natural aeration will occur, which is very beneficial for your skin. The constant noise of the water is also soothing. If necessary, you can use it only during the day, so that it does not interfere with your sleep.
  • The spotted multi-colored bottom is also one of the trends. You can create many interesting pictures right on the sides and bottom to complement the overall design. It seems that the blue and white surfaces are pretty boring for everyone. Therefore, you can immediately hire an artist who will paint all this.
  • A wooden platform outside will make it much more comfortable to go out of the water barefoot. But modern methods of wood impregnation make it an absolutely hydrophobic material. Therefore, you can not be afraid of warping, mold and other troubles.
  • The pool with a high side with a mosaic paving allows you to achieve an ideal cleanliness of the water surface. And also it is a good protection from prying eyes, children and leaves on the surface. This is a kind of closed room where you can enjoy water treatments.

Don't Forget the Related Hardware

Ease of use now very much depends on which pump, mineralizer and filters you choose. Now there are even robots that collect leaves from the surface or the bottom. Therefore, you will not spend a lot of time cleaning. Everything will clean up on its own. And the automation of these processes is also one of the trends of 2022.

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