2022 Tile Flooring Ideas

Ceramic tiles are still in one of the trends of 2022. Modern samples cannot be called pure ceramics due to the huge amount of various improving additives. But the general properties of this magnificent material are preserved.

Its glazed surfaces are completely hydrophobic and easy to clean, which is indispensable in a bathroom or kitchen. Now manufacturers use a variety of techniques for making drawings. Now any print is not erased by the friction of feet and slippers. These are the safety and durability that you must acquire the next time you renovate your interior.

Check out the main trends of 2022

Choosing a floor covering is not an easy task. Especially to be guided by numerous trends. Products from various manufacturers are now also available in the United States. Therefore, it is better to listen to the recommendations from the experts:

  • Plank imitation with long ceramic tiles is very popular, but it is the choice for steam pressure washing lovers. And also unnatural colors dominate in this direction.
  • Another interesting choice is Custom Shaped Tiles. But for this you must find an experienced tiler, otherwise keeping the joints will turn into an impossible task.
  • Small mosaics on the floor with a gradient color transition are also in trend. It looks very unusual under the right lighting.

The most durable floor ever

Ceramic tiles can only wear out a lot in public places like cafes or shops. At home, this flooring will last forever. When buying, do not forget about a spare set, because no one is safe from falling heavy objects. Broken tiles are a relative rarity, but you need to be prepared for it. Otherwise, manufacturers may stop supporting a specific series. This is a very correct step. As for the colors, many different trends prevail here, ranging from orange and black contrast to three-dimensional effects. It all depends not only on your design concept, but also on the desire for big changes. Not all people are ready to step over their excessive conservatism.