2023 Carpet Flooring ideas

It seems that carpets are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Americans who were constantly in work or business did not have much time to care for this difficult flooring. But times are changing, new vacuum cleaners have appeared that can cope with debris among dense carpet pile.

Some interior designs have no chance of being without this interesting element. Although natural wool is comfortable, it is used too rarely due to the difficulty of maintaining its surface and poor resistance to wear of the pile and base.

Check out the main trends of 2023

Choosing a floor covering is not an easy task. Especially to be guided by numerous trends. Products from various manufacturers are now also available in the United States. Therefore, it is better to listen to the recommendations from the experts:

  • Very large geometric patterns are in trend now. They look very neutral, so you can easily fit such a rug into your existing interior. It can be any item, like a sketch on white paper.
  • One large woven large flower in the middle is also among the popular trends. It looks very modern and interesting.
  • Try solid color rugs with a contrasting edge. This will automatically become a point of attraction. But do not use imitation skins of wild animals, because it was left in the last century.

Oriental traditions in American homes

Automatically, we start thinking about Central Asia and the Middle East, where carpets were traditional for most peoples. Now this is becoming a stable trend, and modern knitting machines can recreate a pattern of any complexity. It is this part of the carpet that is the key to your interior design and decoration. Therefore, you can easily use this anywhere from ethnic combinations. Even if you make a carpet for a children's room with your favorite characters from a computer game, it will be very fresh and relevant, and will also give a certain fairy tale to your child. There are a lot of options, but a custom carpet will be quite expensive. Therefore, it is better to search among the finished goods.

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