Big single mirror

Many people say that mirrors create the effect of the presence of someone in the bedroom, then they are right. But this only happens when this element is in your line of sight. If you place it in the place where the head of your bed is, then everything will change dramatically.

This is your great chance to exploit one of the most successful trends of 2023. Modern coated mirrors have excellent reflectivity. Use this in your interior.

Reflection that doesn’t bother

We can share with you three of the most interesting ideas for this:

  • A large round mirror with or without a frame, standing directly on the floor, is one of the main trends. Consider this your little personal sun.
  • A rectangular mirror above the headboard is another cool solution. When you enter the room, you will see the reflection of the opposite wall, which will already look like decor.
  • Small mirrors scattered around the wall in a chaotic manner will create a magnificent play of light. It is more like a morning forest when the first rays pass through the leaves.

Give more light!

Now, seriously. Any mirror opposite the light source can increase the amount of light by 60-70%, depending on the reflective surface. Even if it's just polished metal, it will look very stylish and interesting. One table lamp on your bedside table is enough to make your bedroom a lot better. This is a good solution for those who want to wake up early in a good mood. Not all people enjoy awakening. If you are one of them, then it is better to abandon this idea.

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