Mixed metals

Polished or streaked metal doesn't go out of style. It is inexpensive in the interior, but it must be applied correctly. At the moment, this finish is one of the trends of 2022 when creating kitchen islands.

You do not need to buy products with uncomfortable surfaces. Metal will help you to easily create hygienic cleanliness in your kitchen literally in a matter of minutes. Modern surface treatment technologies allow you to create almost any texture. You will be able to use aggressive household cleaning products.

Idea foundation and basic tips

Now listen to the advice of experts who specialize in kitchen design:

  • The polish will contrast very well with matte and smooth with embossed. Contrast shapes, not just colors.
  • Combine white and yellow metal, painted and unpainted parts.
  • Unusual embossing on the sides will allow for a better visual effect.
  • Thin sheet metal is enough for finishing, it is not a solid slab, so you can save a lot on this.
  • You can also use metal-styled surfaces. It will be even cheaper.

Cold charm of metal

In the modern world, there are many methods for processing metal surfaces. This also includes a large number of different metallurgical techniques, such as bluing, oxidation or anodizing. These are all pretty words, but you can give the metal almost any color. It is relatively inexpensive, especially considering the long service life. Especially if you take proper care of it. You will have access to aluminum, stainless steel, brass and even titanium. This already sounds tempting.

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