2023 Best Kitchen Island Ideas

The usability of the kitchen directly depends on a huge number of factors, but everyone who prepares food there should be directly involved. In the context of creating small living spaces, the kitchen island takes on new meanings. It all depends on whether people eat there together.

For cooking, this is also a great option, especially if you run a YouTube culinary blog. In 2023, there are a lot of crazy new options that radically transform the interior.

A place for family evenings

Oh yes, the dining room is increasingly out of fashion in the United States as the way of eating is changing a lot. So take a look at the following fresh ideas:

  • Separate kitchen island. It has one large countertop area in the middle. And on the sides there will be individual seats for each member of your family. This is very convenient, because the middle contains the dishes, and everyone puts what they need on their plate from there. This is very convenient when each person in the family has personal preferences.
  • Curved countertop surface. It is usually made from a single piece of wood. These undulating transitions between the planes allow you to make a kind of zoning. The only disadvantage is that the usable area is greatly reduced. But it looks nice. If you don't use the island very often, then this is a good choice.
  • Try using a multi-colored countertop with more than three colors. These should not be blurred spots, but strict geometry. Use triangles, squares, lines, rectangles, and other shapes to complete. This coloring can be done on an item already in your interior.
  • The bar-style kitchen island still holds a solid position. The tall chairs fit easily into the table, which saves space. This is the choice for small kitchens, as well as those people who like to order food to home.

Endless kitchen island

This is one of the few places where you can add any functionality you want. Fortunately, furniture companies now allow you to create almost any shape. You can draw a sketch yourself, and professional designers will turn it into a finished project suitable for making a product.

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