2022 Fireplace Trends: Best Design Ideas

The whole space around the fireplace is a real magic. This type of heating is very popular in the United States, but not all homes have it. It's time to organize this cozy place for yourself and your family in 2022.It may seem strange, but it also has its own trends that must be taken into account in order for the entire interior to look relevant.

Getting back to basics is not always necessary, because making a classic stone fireplace is very difficult. But on the American market there are many ready-made solutions that require only the choice of a spot for installation.

Your fireplace is your comfort

We can divide all Americans into two categories. These are those who like fireplaces and those who have never used them. So it's time to do this:

  • Forged frame. It looks very noble, but not cheap. Recently, imitation of forging using artistic cast iron has been increasingly used.
  • Another great idea is to use heat resistant clear glass. You can take care of it with harsh chemicals, which significantly improves the overall quality of use. Flare from fire will be visible everywhere. It's just mesmerizing.
  • Electric portable fireplaces with imitation of a flame are a new word in the field of space heating and safety. Therefore, these products are among the most popular solutions for people who value innovation. Users claim that these devices provide no less comfort than the classic wood-fired version.
  • Hanging fireplace. Yes, this is one of the main trends, but it is not applicable in every room. Hot gases are removed through a special corrugated flexible pipe. It looks very unusual, relevant and modern.

Find unique solutions

The fireplace portal is the main decoration. You can choose a huge number of different solutions for it yourself, and this decor will not be too expensive. For example, paving with broken plates or sea shells is now very popular. You can also use painting on the walls, but you need to take into account that there will be an increased temperature around, so you will have to use special paints.

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