Horseshoe countertop

In modern interiors, we are constantly fighting for the ergonomics of space, we try to take confident steps towards improvement, but a simple rearrangement in the kitchen does not solve this. But this countertop will make it much easier. The shape of a horseshoe is somewhat reminiscent of a workstation for a conductor who just rotates in place, directing an orchestra.

You will also be able to prepare even the most complex dishes very easily. This is a really cool idea that really helps. But this is only for those who love to cook. In other cases, it will definitely not be useful to you.

What you need to know about this great idea

This is a rather complex and non-standard product. Now please read about the main features of this design for a countertop. Then you can easily apply this in your own interior:

  • Please note that all urns and other items are hidden around the table legs. And the shelves for the utensils as well.
  • An induction hob is also built in here. It is almost invisible.
  • At first glance, you won't even notice the sink. And it is here, moreover, next to the induction cooking surface.

What changes can you make to this idea

You can vary the radius and width of this shoe to accommodate the length of your arms. Also, you do not have to follow the shape of a semicircle. For example, you can make a wavy edge to make it comfortable for two people to work with. After all, there are spouses who love to spend time in the kitchen together. Plus, it's very romantic. And experts say that you will get tired much less in the kitchen. Now is the time to check it out on your own experience at the next renovation.

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